Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Its a small world

We recently took our 18 month old to Disney World in Florida. We were in the area, he was free and so we figured why not? Growing up in CA, I had never been to Disney World before...what was the point, we have Disneyland! I was extremely curious and excited to see Disney World though. Growing up you are told that its Disneyland on steroids.  We were so excited as we entered the park, you forget each time you leave how very magical a disney park is. As first time parents we were thrilled to witness the reaction on our sons face as he encountered such a fantastical world. We were limited to the smaller rides, but in actuality, as you get older and bypass Dumbo or Sleeping Beauty, you do lose a little of the experience. With no lines and a limited crowd we were able to successfully negotiate through most of the park in the morning. Just before breaking for lunch and nap, we stumbled upon its a small world. We whisked through the "line" which was basically poles and chain links set up for crowds that simply weren't there and boarded our boat. We were lucky enough to snap a front row seat. Our son, between us, was naturally immediately excited to be on a boat...no idea of the excitement just around the bend. As we floated off, we could hear the melody of its a small world growing louder. When I was a child, its a small world was enchanting, but as I grew, it was just a ride with a short line. Seeing it now, as an adult I was struck by how much detail goes into this particular ride. The dolls, costumes, music, decor. Watching our sons face, it struck me that this would be an incredible theme for a birthday party. Sort of an around the world party but for kids. The different foods that you could incorporate, the bright colors that would be displayed. I am basically drooling waiting for the day my child will understand this theme and make the connection to the ride. In the mean time, I have come across numerous details that would add to the overall impact of this party theme.
I found these envelopes on etsy..what a perfect way to send out invitations to this party!
These wooden flowers would be perfect for your table decor.
thelongthread.com found all of these items on etsy as well, which would serve this theme beautifully!

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  1. Do you have a link to the listing for the envelopes please?